Parque Tezontle
The main building characteristic is based on the fact that was accomplished with a reasonable financial statement. The neighborhood wasn´t expecting a high level building with such a modern architecture and retail opportunities. The complex consist of three retail levels with both sides anchors. The program was chosen due the characteristics of the site while is conform with 66,000 sq m, though the front side has only 130 sq approximately forward the main street. Actually, this compels to locate the main anchor as the front façade of the complex, turning the main facade to side street of the complex (365 m long). Consequently, it inserts a considerable distance within the site limit in order to generate the main entrance courts, pedestrian and parking lot access of the shopping center building. As a result it was achieved a façade with impressive dimensions due its length and high although respecting the housing scale. The facades were generated with concrete batch which covers up the building with an apparent random skin of vertical pieces that change their width but not their high. The fix system has to be anchored from flag to flag, in order to avoid over costs within the secondary structures. The parking lot operation diagram works as the following manner: the connection level with the street is at the ground floor level; in this one it could be find the thoroughfares that communicate with the helicoids ramps which vertically lead the vehicular flow as well as the highest levels, as the basements. It is also in this level where is given the service entrance to the operation courts coming through from Canal de Tezontle street, this happens at the backside of the complex and the exit is in the opposite side. Eighteen meters above going up through the helicoids ramp, it arrives to both parking lot storey located on the building roof, taking into consideration all the complex surface in exception from the covers of the anchors area. In the same manner from the second helicoids ramp it leads down to the two basement parking lots that take up the complete surface of the building footprint. In the first basement level could be found the first anchor access shopping floor. Even though, the entrance regarding with the parking lot are located in half levels through electric stairs.


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