Parque de la Gavia

This is a new type of park, and is located on a 39ha site adjacent to a newly developed area in Vallecas, Madrid, being planned by Empressa Municipal de la Vivienda. The main requirement for this park is to use natural resources to further purify treated water from the district sewage plant. The key theme of the design is to create a new type of public space that could be called an "infrastructural landscape." This infrastructure is intended to treat wastes and recycle energy using natural water treatment processes to sustain a rich forest and wildlife with a low environmental load. 

Our concept for the project is "watertrees," which define the geometry of the water treatment system. There are two types of watertree, one following the pattern of a tree in plan, and the other the pattern of a tree in section. The first type defines the flows of water along the ridges, and the second the flows along the valleys. These two sets of flows are connected by water penetrating through the ground of the slopes between them. Along these slopes, the natural energy of the sun, plants and soil is employed to clean the water through a series of processes such as sterilization, sedimentation and filtration.

The water treated in the park will be utilized not only to irrigate the park and the surrounding housing area, but will also contribute to regenerating the flow of the Gavia River that used to run through this area. The landscape formed by this series of water treatment processes includes many kinds of landforms and supports a variety of biotopes. Just as in the 20th century Le Corbusier proposed constructing "trees of housing" to turn Paris into a green city, we propose planting "trees of water" to develop Gavia Park as a place full of greenery for the 21st century.

This project has a special importance as the first stage of the "ECOVALLE" project, which seeks to create autonomous city environments that provide for diversity and the high quality of life promoted by the European Union.  


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