The Parkstad Limburg Stadion, also called PLS, is a football stadium in Kerkrade, completed in 2000. With a present day capacity of 19.979 seats, the stadium was officially openend on August 15, 2000 with a friendly between Roda JC and Real Zaragoza (2”“2). It is the home stadium of football club Roda JC from the Netherlands. In 2005 the Parkstad Limburg Stadion was the hosting stadium for the opening match and the semi-finals of the FIFA World Youth Championship Netherlands 2005.

Technical details

Unofficial records:
  • The first played match was a friendly match between Roda JC and Real Zaragoza 2”“2, 15 August 2000
  • The first goal was scored by Marcos Vales, Real Zaragoza
  • The first Roda JC goal was scored by Samir Ouindi
Official records:
  • The first official played match was a Eredivisie match between Roda JC and FC Twente 2”“2
  • The first official goal was scored by Scott Booth
  • The first official Roda JC goal was scored by Yannis Anastasiou
  • Largest Crowd: 19.300 Roda JC ”“ AC Milan 0”“1 UEFA Cup, 21 February 2002
  • Lowest Crowd: 2.500 Roda JC ”“ Fylkir 3”“0 UEFA Cup, 11 September 2001

On 15 January 2005, the South stand was named the Theo Pickée Stand as an honour to the Roda JC chairman, who died in December 2003.

Notable matches
Roda JC ”“ AC Milan 0”“1

Building Activity

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