Park Lane

Park Lane is a shopping mall in Halifax. It is located on Spring Garden Road and is owned by Crombie REIT.


Park Lane is located on Spring Garden Road in Halifax, which is the busiest pedestrian thoroughfare east of Montreal and is the premier shopping district of Atlantic Canada. Spring Garden Road retailers have some of the highest per-square-foot retail sales in the Atlantic region. Park Lane is close to The Halifax Citadel and is one block away from the famous Victorian Public Gardens. Within a few blocks radius are seven universities and colleges and three hospitals. The downtown business core is 10 minutes walking distance and it is estimated that close to 50,000 employees come into the downtown core to work every day.

Park Lane houses a recently renovated Empire Theatres (formerly Famous Players) with 8 screens offering stadium seating in addition to a small food court and Victor's Bar & Grill, The Summit Aesthetic Spa; Trinity Jewellers, Halifax's premier fine jewelry boutique, specializing in custom designs and Canadian diamonds, Geox shoe store and Olsen Europe’s first free-standing store in Atlantic Canada.

Parking is available at a parking garage attached to the Shopping Centre, with an additional 6 parking lots within blocks. Many merchants validate parking upon purchase.

Interior decor consists of marble, glass, fountains, skylights and a glass walled interior elevator to office space above the mall.


Park Lane was built in the late 1980s as a new upscale mall in downtown Halifax. The main attraction became the Famous Players movie theatre built in the bottom floor of the mall off the food court. In 2004, theatre was bought by Empire Theatres and refurbished to include stadium seating.

Shops and Other Attractions
  • Ardene's teen accessories
  • John David Shoes
  • City Streets
  • The Source by Circuit City
  • A&W fast-food restaurant
  • Nubody's Gym
  • Empire Theatres Movie Theatre
  • P'Lovers, an Environmentally Friendly Shop
  • Trinity Jewellers
  • The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Nova Scotia

External Links
  • Official website

Coordinates: 44°38′33.95″N 63°34′41.91″W / 44.6427639°N 63.5783083°W / 44.6427639; -63.5783083

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