Park Hyatt, Cap Vermel, Resort Hotel

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Park Hyatt, Cap Vermel, Resort Hotel
Park Hyatt, Cap Vermel is situated on the South Eastern coast of Mallorca, in the Spanish Balearic islands. The site is a natural amphitheatre looking towards the Mediterranean with a southerly aspect and sea views. This resort hotel is separated functionally into distinct blocks, reception, ballroom, spa, restaurants, bars, and business centre (The Residence), and eight single aspect bedroom blocks which are arranged in tiers following the contours of the amphitheatre. Thus the spacious rooms and suites can obtain the maximum benefit from the views and the ideal orientation of the site. Gardens, radial access routes, pergolas and pool areas in a mixture of formal set piece and informal planting are collaged together to unite the whole into a coherent but relaxed composition reminiscent of traditional Mallorcan settlement patterns. The Hotel is approached from the south at the lowest level of the site and guests will sweep into a courtyard where the main communal buildings are informally grouped together. This grouping shares a common basement where the hotels working areas are concentrated. The bedroom blocks and outlying public areas will be accessed by the pedestrian routes and golf buggies operating from this nucleus. The spa tops a slope overlooking the entrance alongside the highest tier of bedroom blocks. The project will reuse rainwater run off from the surrounding hills for irrigation, solar panels for water heating, and photovoltaic panels for a proportion of the electrical needs. The buildings are to be insulated to a high standard and the extensive use of local stone cladding, traditional materials and construction with an unusually thick external skin ensures a high thermal mass thereby minimising power requirements. The architecture results from extensive knowledge and study of local vernacular traditions, Shaded courtyards, open bridges and arcades, rounded arches and red clay tiles mingle with the rich landscaping and natural stone and ceramic finishes. At once both hotel and village.


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