Parc Rischard

Parc Rischard is a residential estate situated at the heart of a magnificent private landscaped park.

Consisting of Maison Rischard, offering high-class services, and three residences exhibiting beautiful architecture and high-quality fittings, this luxurious complex possesses a character and finesse unparalleled in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

 A listed building from the 18th century, Maison Rischard has a rich and illustrious past, forming an integral part of Luxembourg’s cultural and historical heritage.

Solum Real Estate, a Luxembourg-based developer, and architect Tatiana Fabeck have strived to preserve its character.

Around Maison Rischard, an ensemble of three luxury residences carrying the first names of the descendants of the Rischard family – Paul, Colette and Charles – will occupy the landscaped park.


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