‘Papercut” is the result of the collaboration between the architectural office dARCH Studio and the fashion designer, Yiorgos Eleftheriades. A place 90m2, located on the first floor of a two-storey building at the center of Athens, where the fashion designer exhibits his work. The need to synthesize the two different approaches to design (fashion design, architecture) was the focal point of this project. Concepts and practices used in fashion design (patron) were incorporated as organizational principles during the design and the construction phases of the project.

The ephemeral character was a wish of the client.
Existing furniture were rearranged in order to bring into forth the two new constructions that were handmade, using eco –friendly (100% recyclable material) corrugated packaging carton and low cost OSB wood .The materials intended to emphasize the dynamic properties of the space, contrasting, in means of value and texture the materials used by the designer. The sense of packing ,as a reference to refurbishment, is spatially expressed.

Synthesis 1.Trying to free as much space as possible, the existing massy furniture was suspended on the wall, where the tables became lightings, the book case turned into stand for coffee machine and display case. The wall was covered with corrugated carton in stripes, with the corrugated side of the carton on the front. As a result the furniture seemed as they were wedged in the cardboard.

Synthesis 2 is based on the design of a biomorphic self-illuminating construction consisted of thousands sheets of corrugated carton. The boxes that perforate the liquid form, intensified with the use of built-in indirect lighting, produce display cases.

Original description by dARCH studio


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