Panyaden School

In the lush green surroundings of a former fruit orchard, where Thailand’s highest mountains meet the fl at rice fi elds, Panyaden School contracted 24H to design its environmentally friendly school buildings. Located south of the city of Chiang Mai, this 5,000 m2 primary school consists of an informal arrangement of pavilions (salas), organized along pathways inspired by the shape of the tropical antler horn fern.

There are two main types of buildings: - The classroom pavilion type has load-bearing walls from rammed earth, dividing the building into 3 classrooms. The outer walls are made of adobe. Glass windows framed by recycled local hardwood, glass bottles and washing machine windows bring natural light into the classrooms.

Cupboards and shelves are all integrated in an adobe wall curving around the sanitary block. The curved contours of the bamboo roof structure mirror the mountains at the horizon of the site.

The sala pavilion type is used for common functions such as the assembly hall and the canteen. Columns consist of bamboo bundles reaching up to the bamboo canopy from their stone foundations, giving a feeling of walking through a majestic bamboo forest. 

The entire school has been built from local earth and local bamboo that has been naturally treated to withstand the elements. Organic vegetables and rice will be grown on school property. Environmentally friendly waste water treatment and food waste recycling producing organic fertilizers and biogas for cooking, round up the picture of an environmentally friendly school with a negligible carbon footprint.

Panyaden School aims to deliver a holistic education that integrates Buddhist principles and green awareness with the highly regarded, International Primary Curriculum.

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