Pankhurst Centre

The Pankhurst Centre, 60-62 Nelson Street, Manchester is a pair of Victorian villas, of which No. 62 was the home of Emmeline Pankhurst and her daughters Sylvia, Christabel and Adela who were heavily involved in the campaign for votes for women. The villas now form a centre that is a women only space which creates a unique environment for women to learn together, work on projects and socialise. It is a Grade II* listed building as of 10 June 1974.

It also contains a museum: The Pankhurst Parlour which has become a memorial to the suffragette movement, its Edwardian style furnishings evoke the home of Mrs Pankhurst and her daughters. The Parlour was the first room in the Pankhurst Centre to be redecorated and was the centre of attraction when Barbara Castle opened the Centre on 10 October 1987.


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