Pampulha is a man-made lagoon located in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. It is also the name of the surrounding residential neighborhood (primarily to the East and South) and is one of the city's administrative regions. Many of Belo Horizonte's cultural landmarks are located in Pampulha, including the Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, the football stadium Mineirão, Church of Saint Francis of Assisi (designed by Oscar Niemeyer) and the Museum of Modern Art. The artificial pond was built in the decade of 1940, when the mayor was Juscelino Kubitscheck. To compose his I tip over Oscar Niemeyer projected an architectural set that became a reference and influenced all modern Brazilian architecture. They make part of the set: church of Saint Francisco de Assis, the Museum of Art, the House of the Dance and the Yacht Tennis Club. The gardens of Burle Marx, the painting of Portinari and the sculptures of Ceschiatti, Zamoiski and José Pedrosa complete and value the project conceived for the pond. The border of the Pampulha concentrates several leisure options, like the secondary school of the Mineirinho, the Zoo, the Centre of Equestrian Preparation of the Pond and traces for cycling and walking.