Palmas 530
The idea was to generate a large “crystal box` that serves as a store window toward the avenue. The access to this box is through a light bridge. At the vestibule an electric stair connects to the first store achieving each area in order to have direct contact to the street. The use of crystal bend level surfaces brings dynamic to the space. Palmas avenue increase has been accomplishing due the ground use changes that have been done in the direction of the highway nearby sites. In order to protect the distributor space from the solar incidence there were managed wooden sunbeam that project game of shadows against bend faces bestowing warmness. As a result the windows support system makes them appeal lightly. During the night the building acts as a great box of light with blue horizontal illumination stripes that reflect the movement that comes from Palmas Avenue. In order to make a successful retail project with an excellent architecture level fitting in a subtle way with the urban tissue. The second level is connected to the ground floor by an electric stair given direct access. There was a positive response among the neighborhood and the remarkable architectural characteristics. Palamas 53o is a high quality architectural work which functions with the city, community and developers it’s a worthy effort. Parking: 202 vehicles. 4 levels. It consists in 4 basement levels which connect throughout half level ramps and the customer use the elevators as vertical access to enter directly to the mall.


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