Paddington Integrated Project
The Paddington Integrated Project (PIP) was set up to deliver an integrated proposal for the north of Paddington Station incorporating the aspirations of Crossrail, London Underground (LU), Network Rail and Transport for London. The proposed reconfiguration of the Circle line service will result in a significant increase in passenger numbers using the LU station. The H&C service uses an island platform currently served by a single stair. This is heavily congested at peak times, which results in the need for station control and stair closure. There is no step-free access to the platform and limited station facilities. The implementation of the proposals, which include step-free access between all the critical levels on site, will enable the station to meet present and forecast demand. The design of each component of the scheme has been developed with Structural and M&E engineering, cost appraisal and construction planning support. Consultation with English Heritage and WCC has informed the design regarding the issues associated with a significant project located partly within the curtilage of a Grade 1 Listed Building. The result is a coordinated and robust proposal that encompasses functional efficiency, structural integrity, constructability, lifetime costing and programme as well as responsiveness to site and setting.


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