Paard van Troje
After a renovation and extension by OMA the performance centre, Paard van Troje (Trojan Horse) reopened to the public on July 3, 2003. With most of the new construction located behind an ancient monumental facade Paard van Troje, Trojan Horse, is an appropriate name for the cultural centre, previously known as Paard.

The Netherlands National Trust for Historic Buildings protected one of the two classic buildings that form the centre, while the other building had only its original facade left. By removing the old construction behind the historic facade, a complicated problem of space and acoustics could be solved efficiently. The small concert hall, with seating for 300 people, was positioned directly behind the historic facade while the large concert hall, seating 1100 people, was constructed on the backside of the two buildings, making it accessible from an adjacent street. The entrances of both halls are on the same level so that they can be used together for large events. The cafe in the historic building is is also connected so that all public spaces can be used together.

The lobby, under the small concert hall, shows the confrontation of old and new. The walls are left untreated and show damages and changes that happened during the last century. The small hall is supported by 6 beams with large buffers and does not touch the historic walls and facade, avoiding acoustic leaking.

At the Lange Beestenmarkt side the new facade, of Cor-Ten steal, was constructed so that water is drained inside the facade.


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