Písek Stone Bridge

The Písek Stone Bridge (Kamenný most v Písku in Czech) is the oldest bridge on the area of Czech Republic and one of two oldest bridges in Central Europe, located in south Bohemian city of Písek. Was probably built in the 3rd quarter of the 13th century.

It is sometimes called Stag Bridge because, according to legend, it was to be named after the first being to pass over it. At the time, town Písek was surrounded by deep woods, so the first being to cross the bridge was a stag. However, most local people calls it Old Bridge (starý most).

It spans the Otava River, a tributary of the Vltava River. This bridge is in the gothic style with baroque statues and a cross. The length of the bridge is 109.75 m and the width 6.25 m. It is built on six pillars and has seven arches.

Floods of 2002

The bridge survived the floods in 2002. The flood water removed railings and some statues. After the flood, Písek started with the general reconstruction. The railings and statues were repaired; copy of one statue which was lost was created. The bridge is now supported by a net of concrete and iron tubes.

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