Ozuluama Residence
Austrian practice Architects Collective have teamed up with local architect at.103 in Mexico City, to insert a penthouse ontop of an existing three-storey building.

The folds in the skin of the penthouse create different-sized spaces inside and overhangs for shade. The steel structure is covered in skin made of acrylic-polymer Corian panels.

The penthouse has two terraces with views of  the city. The lower terrace faces into the interior spaces, while a second higher terrace is created from the roof of the penthouse and connected by a flight of stairs. The building’s original three storeys remain unchanged.

The building sits in the Condesa district amongst neo-colonial, Art Deco and Bauhaus architecture. In the 1990s when the building hosted art shows, parties and concerts, local artist Yoshua Okón built a rooftop shack. Later on he commission the Architects Collective to rebuild it.


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