OUB Centre

The Overseas Union Bank Centre (Chinese: 华联银行大厦) is one of the three tallest skyscrapers in the city of Singapore, sharing the title with the UOB Plaza One and Republic Plaza. At 280 m (920 ft), it was the tallest building in the world outside North America at the time of its completion in 1986, surpassing South Korea's 63 Building completed 1 year earlier, until it was succeeded by the Bank of China Tower. 280 m (920 ft) is the maximum height permitted by the National Aviation Authority. The building sits at the city centre of Raffles Place.

  • The building consists of two triangular structures with a small space between them.
  • The steel frame allows for column-free office space.
  • The floor system is of reinforced concrete slab composite with a ribbed steel deck.
  • A car park, retail areas, and a link to the MRT system can be found above and below ground.
  • The tower is clad by chemically treated aluminium alloy which changes colour along with the light it reflects.
  • Square and circular designs perforate the building's façade, etched by a grid pattern of rectangles and window units.
  • The dramatic entrance is presented by an eight-storey high cutaway, coupled with skylights and other lighting effects to create an airy feel.

Frenchman Alain Robert, well known for climbing skyscrapers, attempted a climb on this building in 2000. After reaching the 21st floor, Robert was persuaded by the police to give up and climbed back into the building through a window on the 23rd floor.


A new commercial tower is currently being constructed next to the existing tower. Ground bearing ceremony was on 26 September 2008. The new tower will open in 2011 with 38 floors. Upon completion of the new tower the complex will be officially renamed One Raffles Place.

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