Copenhagen-based architecture, planning, and urban design firm ADEPT recently won an international competition for the new Oppdal Centrum. Designed in collaboration with Various Architects and Lalaland landscape architects, the Oppdal+ proposal will offer a 142,000-sq.-m. (approximately 465,879-sq.ft.) scenic skiing and hiking destination to Norway’s city center.

The competition jury comments in a statement that “Oppdal+ has a clear and figurative vision–clean, rough and dense–embracing Oppdal at present and in the future. The working title is innovative, optimistic, and creates space for identity and distinctiveness. The jury agrees on this proposal being a good and inspiring answer to the vision of the competition program.”

The project will serve as a home for a variety of winter and summer sports, expanding the attractiveness of the Oppdal City Center area with enhanced accessibility and aesthetic coherence between the landscape and the city itself. The overall design emulates a “plus sign” shape, formed by the one main E6 road that forms a connection line for the city, transforming the locale into an urban shopping and shared communal space via pedestrian axes. A green expanse that stretches across the city will also form another cross-inspired pathway. Public areas will include a main plaza, town hall, and culture house, which bolster city functions.

Various housing developments—which include residences (of various types, with private outdoor spaces, balconies, roof terraces, and mini-gardens), offices, public-focused businesses, and parking—will feature materials from the area’s deep-rooted Nordic tradition of slate and wood.


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