The OpernTurm is a skyscraper in Frankfurt, Germany. The property is situated where Frankfurt's Westend meets the inner city, opposite Alte Oper on the corner of Bockenheimer Landstrasse and Bockenheimer Anlage. The architect of the tower is Professor Christoph Mäckler and the project developer is Tishman Speyer, a US company that previously built the Sony Center in Berlin and the MesseTurm in Frankfurt. The main tenant of the Opera Tower is the UBS AG Germany, which has leased 31,000 sqm of office space and is presented here relate the beginning of 2010 its new German headquarters.

The OpernTurm consists of a 170-m high-rise building and an approximately 26-m low-rise perimeter development facing towards the Alte Oper. The tower will have 42 levels, while the low-rise will have 7. It is accessible by a 18 meter high lobby. Opera Square to round off a podium building with seven floors of the entire ensemble. By a uniform yellow-beige stone cladding of the facades it fits harmoniously into the existing buildings around the Opera Square. The Opera Tower is required to consume 23 percent less energy than the Energy Regulation EnEV 2007th. Upon completion, it will be certified as one of the first office buildings in Europe with the environmental standard LEED Gold (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). LEED defines standards for environmentally friendly, resource-efficient construction. The site was once occupied by the Zürich Tower ( Zürich-Haus), one of Frankfurt's first high-rise buildings, built in 1962. In 1998, Zürich Versicherung, the owner of the 68-m tall building, commissioned the architectural practice of Christoph Mäckler to design a new building that would be 22 m taller. In order to maximize land use, the building was rather capacious and appeared to be plump. Zürich Versicherung suggested to the city to build the new tower up to a height of 160 m and use its own property to extend adjacent Rothschildpark down to Bockenheimer Landstrasse. The city finally agreed. When Zürich Versicherung decided not to start the development, it sold the now empty site -- the old tower had been demolished in 2002 -- to project developer Tishman Speyer in July 2004. Civil engineering works started in late 2006 with the removal of the former underground garage of the Zürich Tower, while the groundbreaking for the development of OpernTurm took place on 22 January 2007. Where today the opera tower reaching up to 2002 was built in 1960 Zurich-house. The monument 68 meters high tower was one of the first skyscrapers in Frankfurt. In 1998, the Zurich-made insurance, the owner of the land, develop the architecture Christoph Mäckler a draft for a 22 m high building. To maximize the utilization of the area that the building was very wide and appeared stocky. The Zurich Insurance hit the city responded with the new skyscraper 160 meters high building, but to extend through the demolition of other buildings on their land adjacent Rothschildpark to Bockenheimer highway. After long political controversy and the personal commitment Christoph Mäckler the city agreed to the proposal. In 2002, the Zurich-house and any other building was demolished on the property. As a start, the Zurich Insurance on its own economic problems, the new building did not, they sold the vacant lot in July 2004 to the project developer Tishman Speyer. The end of 2006 the civil engineering began with the demolition of the former garage of the Zurich-rise building. The first sod for the construction of the Opera tower on 22 January 2007, the foundation stone was laid on the 4th September 2007. At the end of 2008 the shell of the Opera Tower, was completed on 6 February 2009. The topping out ceremony took place in February 2009. When completed in late 2009, OpernTurm will rise up in Opernplatz, the most prominent location in Frankfurt, adding another landmark to the city's famous skyline. Its elegant appearance and the natural stone façade make it stand out from the glass towers of the city and cite its environment, thus returning Opernplatz its original setting. The adjoining Rothschildpark will be extended by 5,500 square metres and redesigned in the style of an English garden. After the completion of the new skyscraper, the park in its historical form will again be accessible from Bockenheimer Landstrasse and through the Rothschild Gate on Bockenheimer Anlage. Half of the rental space of OpernTurm, 31,000 sqm, has already been leased. After completion in 2009, UBS Deutschland AG will move into its new German headquarters.

In November 2009, the retailer Manufactum moved in as the first tenant into the podium building of the Opera Tower. Other leases have been signed with the law firm Morgan Lewis & Bockius LLP, Ashurst LLP and Allen & Overy LLP and the Excellent Business Centers GmbH, so that - has hired UBS, including the main tenant - the Opera Tower, to 75 percent. The tenant improvements plan is created by the Frankfurt architects MOW general planning, which had also been entrusted with the detailed design of the architecture.

The adjacent park is around 5,500 m² of Rothschild and enlarged in the style of an English garden redesigned. Two newly created portals are connected to the Rothschild park with urban life at the Opera Square.

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