Open Air Swimming Pool Oostduinkerke

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Open Air Swimming Pool Oostduinkerke
This outdoor swimming pool is built into the beach. The design is integrated into the city planning becoming a focal point and a transitional ‘urban bridge’ between the city and the beach. The project developed as sloping planes with very organic shapes growing from the beach, like a sand dune. The sandy colour of the concrete roof, which is possible to walk on, further enhances this effect. The pools are placed in two large cutouts from the dune shape. This provides the pools protection from wind and sand.

The site for this new swimming pool is situated on the beach of Oostduinkerke, a small Belgian coast town. The design aimed to create a cross over between the beach and the city centre, extending the dike.

The swimming pool is conceptualised as an oblique surface, forming a bridge between the dike and the beach. The space under the surface accommodates the pool and secondary functions like changing rooms, lockers, first aid and lavatory. Two large incisions position the open air pools. The position of the surface protects the pool from sand and wind. A third incision accessible from the dike creates a platform. Under this stage, a first aid post and public toilets are accessible from the beach. 

The building looks act as an artificial dune, with soft slopes, inviting people to walk and sit down, admiring the view. Diverse circulation patterns guarantee a dynamic and low-threshold total. 

The surface is conceived as an in situ concrete shell, supported by steel columns.


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