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OPEN-AIR complex Another level of living The project goal: To improve the quality of living environment in a megacity. Solved problems: 1. Neutralizing deficiency of natural, cultural and leisure spaces in a megacity 2. Preservation of existing morphology of an area at the ground level 3. Creation of a new image of city building The concept Large urbanized territories like Moscow are becoming less convenient for living. Intensification of business activities makes cities convenient for work, but not inconvenient or less convenient for leisure and rest. The problem may be solved by development of considerable territories, which would combine parks and recreation functions. OPEN-AIR is a natural park, a place for sports, leisure and rest in a megacity, an excellent platform for sightseeing, music festivals and open-air exhibitions. An important feature of the project is that OPEN-AIR is easily accessible for everybody, since it is located in an immediate proximity to residential areas and at the same time keeps existing morphology of the city architecture at another level. Another important task is establishment of a new image of the city architecture and improvement of its aesthetic qualities. In our opinion, it can be resolved by including in a monotonous context of existing buildings some outstanding architectural objects, which should carry bright, individual, esthetic and functional features. The general plan The building is located on the site of the former «Saharo-Rafinadniy Zavod Imeni Mantulina» (Sugar Refinery named after Mantulin) in Moscow. Part of structures of the former refinery are being reconstructed according to our project and are being adapted to the requirements of a new complex. Three main streets pass nearby: the Third transport ring, the Kutuzovsky avenue and the Zvenigorodsky highway. The City business centre and Expocenter are situated in immediate proximity. The OPEN-AIR Complex is well visible from the Moskva River. The volume-spatial decision The complex represents a bowl located at a height of 50 meters and leaning against supports of different diameter. The basic exterior structure of the building has high aerodynamic characteristics which reduce the weight of the building. Building supports also are used as transport and technological communications. The park is designed for accommodating a considerable quantity of people and for an intensive, all-the-year-round use. The project previews special technologies of planting, watering, maintenance and protection of plants from low temperatures, taking into account smaller quantities of snow at higher levels during the winter time. Transparent walls along the perimeter protect the plants from the wind. The area relief declines to its center, with a bias to the south, creating an optimum microclimate. In a cold season, paths of the park turn into an open-air skating ring. The covered interior of the building is intended for cultural and leisure center, which will comprise exhibitions, cinema and concert halls, sports facilities, restaurants and cafes. External walls are transparent, opening a wide, high-rise view over the city. The constructive decision The building bowl is a spatial self-bearing construction reinforced by stiffening ribs. The bearing structures of the bowl are made of titan, wood and stainless steel; protecting structures - of glass and sandwich panels. Supports are made of concrete and metal. The gross weight of the building is reduced by using a special substitute of natural ground for planting vegetation – GRODAN substrate - which is lighter than soil by 4 times, also serving as a good thermal protector and fire-preventer. . Ecology and the power savings The building is “transparent" for the lower located territory. A special combination of lenses and optical fibers connected to them allows transferring the sunlight to the area located in the lower level. Built-in photo cells and wind generators allow effectively using renewable energy sources: the sun and a wind. Building structure is made of re-usable materials (metal, wood, glass), except the material of the basic support. Built-in systems of waste treatment and recirculation of rain water are provided. The building is designed to positively influence the ecology of a city environment by employing a substantial volume of vegetation. Total floor area 43 000sqm. Total park area 52 000 sqm.


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