Onion Pinch
Onion Pinch is a Babies and Adult Rest Station designed for the Cais do Sodre Lisbon Subway Station. The designers wanted to construct a space affecting user’s behavior, a real place that people would recognize as such. They wanted to create a space having the capacity to transform, by its physicality, the life in a subway station. In order to achieve this goal, like surgeons they started to study and to dissect the material they were using for the installation: the cork. They wanted to identify a design concept and a very simple construction technique. They wanted to create an intimate relation between material properties and user’s physicality. Cork was reduced to a list of material properties and attributes that could interact with people: Texture, Granularity, Porosity, Acoustic insulation, Density, Thickness and finally the most important: Flexibility. Thanks to its flexibility, it was possible to sh...


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