OneTwo Townhouse
The OneTwo Townhouse is simultaneously single and multiple structure. Completed in April 2007, this building explores the spatial potential of the typology of the Houston suburban town home situated in a row of houses and connected by common side walls. It is transformed into a grouping of independent structures connected by a common base. Located on a small triangular lot at the intersection of two streets in the Museum District, the two houses, approximately 2,500 square feet each, provide a sequence of outdoor and indoor spaces to create staged degrees of community as well as privacy. Each house’s vehicular and pedestrian entry is from opposite streets. The pedestrian entries lead to an elevated shared plaza above the garage level and to each unit’s front door. This raised outdoor plaza is evocative of the traditional front porch from which the occupants view and engage the neighborhood. Each house has two to three bedrooms, its own garage and city views of downtown Houston. One house is set along the vertical leg of the triangular lot while the other occupies the base. The angles of the two volumes are determined by the property’s setback lines. Daylight is brought to the interior spaces from two or more sides to create the feel of a larger space. Roof terraces extend the residences to the exterior and are the private counterpoint to the shared entry plaza. The project’s tectonic expression of compactness and verticality results from the needs of the program and the constraints of the lot.


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