One Park Place

One Park Place is a 518 ft (158 m) tall apartment building located adjacent to Discovery Green park in downtown Houston, Texas. Completed in May 2009, the building has 340 units on 30 floors with a total height of 501 feet (153 m) and 37 floors.

The building has 346 apartment units. The ground floor has retail shops and restaurants, while the six floors immediately above the ground floor have secure parking.

Grocery store

Phoenicia Specialty Foods is expected to open a grocery store location in 28,000 square feet (2,600 m2) of space on the ground floor of One Park Place in July 2011. Katharine Schilcutt of the Houston Press said that Phoenicia will become the first major grocery store in Downtown. Before the announcement by Phoenicia occurred, rumors spread stating that Whole Foods Markets wanted to lease space in One Park Place to establish a store there. The Downtown location will focus on serving residents in the Downtown area by stocking staples such as bread, eggs, and milk in addition to the signature products of Phoenicia Specialty Foods. In addition the store will have a Wine Bar, a cafe, and a delicatessen to attract area workers. Originally the opening was scheduled for December 2010. It was moved to May, 2011, but due to issues with the design of the electrical and plumbing lines, the opening was moved to July 15.

School zoning

The building is within the Houston Independent School District boundary. As of 2009 the building is assigned to Bruce Elementary School,Gregory Lincoln Education Center (Grades 6-8), and Davis High School.

By Spring 2011 Atherton Elementary School and E.O. Smith Education Center were be consolidated with a new K-5 campus in the Atherton site. As a result the building was rezoned from Smith to Gregory Lincoln.

Building Activity

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