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One Market Plaza is a complex of three office buildings at 1 Market Street along the San Francisco Embarcadero. The historic 11-story Southern Pacific Building, also known as "The Landmark", was completed in 1916, and incorporated into the development in 1976 that includes the 43-storey 172 m (564 ft) Spear Tower, and the 27-storey, 111 m (364 ft) Steuart Tower.

The complex was renovated in 1996 by the architect firm César Pelli & Associates Architects.

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    The bland and boring buildings in the photo are not representative of the splendor of the actual building at One Market that still stands at the foot of Market Street and Embarcadero. The architecture of this building is breathtaking. A true remnant of an old society. Kitty corner from the ferry building, itself a transportation icon before the age of subsidized oil, roads, airports and cars, One Market was the HQ for Southern Pacific Railroad. All street addresses in the city emanated outward from the Southern Pacific building. Everything literally revolved around rail. Sprint stands for Southern Pacific Railroad Intelligent Network of Communications. Southern Pacific ran fiber optic cable under their tracks which today is the backbone onto which every succeeding generation (3g, 4g) of Sprint voice and data infrastructure is run on. Southern Pacific is now part of Union Pacific, not BNSF, the SF standing for Santa Fe.
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