One Madison Park

One Madison Park (“OMP`) is a 50 story, 155,000 SF residential building. The graceful 620 foot high tower with a 5,175 SF footprint has one of New York’s highest slenderness ratios of 12:1. The architectural challenge was to create a modern form that was respectful to the context of the Madison Square Park and the neighborhood while creating a respectful visual dialogue with the adjacent historical high rise buildings that occupy the edges of the park. OMP is situated in a unique location on the Manhattan grid, fronting on East 23rd Street, a busy cross town thoroughfare – and at the foot of Madison Avenue, a major north/south thoroughfare that begins at 23rd Street, directly to the north. OMP acts as an axial form on Madison Avenue in a similar way that Grand Central Station is the anchor of Park Avenue, making the tower visible from great distances at the street level. In developing the form, materials and aspects of the building, the contextual materials of masonry and limestone used throughout the neighborhood informed the decision to make the building shaft of dark brown bronze glass. Seven 4-6 story white volumetric pods punctuate the tower shaft to add detail and articulation that “speaks` to the articulated crowns of its historic neighbors which include the 50 story Met Life Tower, completed in 1909. Together, these towers, 100 years apart in age, and strikingly different in appearance, anchor the south east corner of the park. The form and placement of the building in the middle of the site result in expansive 270 degree views from all apartments. In order to allow construction to begin before the site could be entirely cleared, a portion of the tower cantilevers over an existing 3 story building adjacent to the tower on its eastern side. The design team used this constraint to give the tower its unique configuration. From the main square mast of the tower clad in dark bronze glass, another shaft clad in white and clear glass is partially inserted and cantilevered from the main shaft. Into that white shaft floors were cut out to create full floor apartments with terraces that wrap the north and east sides of the building. Lateral bracing usually located around the perimeter was instead placed in the center, forming a cruciform of shear walls, buried between rooms and shafts minimizing the impact to room layouts. This integration of efficient space planning and structure gives each room within the homes an open expansive feeling with the energy radiating outward to the city views beyond. Due to the building’s high slenderness ratio the lateral wind and seismic force resisting system was the major engineering challenge. The shear wall stiffness and strength had to be maximized while supporting the architectural design. The building’s lateral dynamic movement is mitigated by the design and incorporation of a Tuned Liquid Damping comprised of three cast-in-place reinforced concrete tanks filled with water and incorporated into the building structure at roof level.


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