One Loop Apartment

We gutted out the entire old apartment and began from ground zero. The new apartment is conceived as one seamless corridor that turns, bends and eventually loops itself. The singular passageway expands and contracts interestingly to accommodate the diverse programs within this apartment. Kitchens, storage, storerooms, bathrooms, wardrobes, dining area, study area and living spaces are strung up along the single loop we have created. Aside from the casual and chic outlook the young couple requested for, we did the dining and study in a pure black envelope to create a sense of delineation from the surrounding spaces. The powder and master bathroom are dramatically finished with a pastel pink and baby blue mosaic respectively for an added surprise upon entering into them. For a similar effect, the walk in wardrobe is finished in dark stained walnut timber with vintage wallpaper. Every corner around the loop is full of surprises. Every visitor is treated to a variety of surprises as they are taken around the house by the homeowner. This modest apartment becomes suitable for large parties where friends will come from various social groups. The different groups of friends can occupy different corners and niches within this apartment and enjoy both privacy and interaction in a mediated fashion. On a daily basis, the loop allows for 2 different routes around the apartment, this creates an increased sense of privacy and personal space for the young couple. One can leave the house or move around the apartment without even disturbing the partner. As such, the One Loop apartment is ideal for both large parties and the daily routine of a young couple. This stems from the One Loop Apartment being simultaneously both very public and very private at the very same time.


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