One Kingdom Street

One Kingdom Street �Sustainable office space within a shimmering glass fa�ade.� Background One Kingdom Street is a ten storey office building in London�s PaddingtonCentral, located within the 80 acre Paddington Waterside regeneration area; a vibrant new mixed use community built on previous brownfield land. With striking vertical glass fins on the exterior, One Kingdom Street stands out in its position between a railway line, a major arterial road, two heavily trafficked bridges and the Regent�s Canal. Furthermore the building is intricately balanced on top of land safeguarded for the future construction of Crossrail. Design Process Sheppard Robson�s designers overcame the logistical challenge of building a ten storey office above a protected zone intended for the Crossrail project with a practical solution; locating half the building on a podium transfer deck. The cores were positioned to minimise impact on the Crossrail land on a 12m� by 9m� structural grid and the larger span is dictated by the location of beams within the Crossrail deck on which they are supported. The podium level provides access for pedestrian, cycle and taxi use only; all service vehicles and cars accessing loading bays and carparks utilise the service roads at two levels below the podium. The lower basement area accommodates 20 car parking and 200 cycling spaces. The plans, sections and elevations of One Kingdom Street were designed to achieve the maximum floorplate depth in line with BCO guidance. A typical office floorplate provides approximately 2,500m�; highly flexible space that can be divided into at least two separate tenancies. Floor to ceiling glazing on all exterior facades and the walls of the atria ensures natural light penetrates across the entire floorplate, allowing open plan or cellular occupation. At each level, glass and steel balustraded walkways connect offices to the central core and lift lobby, further assisting flexibility in the workplace. Visual Aspects The client brief for One Kingdom Street: a visually spectacular building sympathetic to its surroundings providing City and West End quality to Paddington. Sheppard Robson�s response: a flagship building with an interchangeable appearance and variable mood settings. Externally, blue coloured glass fins were used on the north elevation with decreasing colour intensity higher up the building. The elevation design is characterised by the expression of horizontal aluminium shelves that reduce the building height coupled with the expression of 3m� staggered bays. The staggering and variation in colour intensity of the fins provide animation to the fa�ade as one moves along Kingdom Street. The translucence and reflectivity of the exterior evokes a glistening surface of shimmering water and the building�s relationship to the nearby Regent�s canal. The building is located in close proximity to a number of offices with a more monotone architectural appearance, further emphasising the elegance of the animated glazed fa�ade. The main office entrance is located at podium level midway along the north fa�ade. Access to the office space is through an imposing 300m� double height reception area. The reception uses a small palette of materials; natural stone, timber and leather, emphasising the contrast between light and dark. Colour is provided by two large (7.5m� by 4.5m�) glass feature screens dividing the reception from the two atria. The screens comprise laminated glass encapsulating horizontal bands of silk material onto which an array of coloured lights are reflected. The mood and tone of the space can therefore be easily determined both day and night. Six semi-scenic lifts serve all floors through the atria � the atria walls are predominantly glazed from floor to ceiling with white metal spandrel panels used horizontally between floors. The central core and staircase is also clad internally by the same graphite coloured aluminium panels as used externally to help express a single volume. Access into the central core at each level is via two indented yellow coloured niches, the colour intensity decreases as one rises up the building. The main staircase enclosure within the central core is fully glazed to the south and the same decreasing colour feature is replicated in blue, enhancing the animated effect of the building�s internal space. Sustainability and Efficiency In both design and construction, the focus on sustainability has earned One Kingdom Street the highest possible BREEAM rating; �Excellent�. The building was constructed in an environmentally responsible manner on re-used land close to a public transport hub. The project is unique - it was the first office development in the UK to incorporate carbon footprinting of the construction process all the way through the supply chain. An independent consultant monitored all the materials used to construct the building and embodied energy was calculated using generic benchmarking data. 97% of site waste was recycled, reducing overall carbon emission as far as possible; only 0.3% of waste went straight to landfill. One Kingdom Street is an �intelligent� building design, scoring five out of a possible five for its BREEAM rating. Ground-source heat pumps heat the reception area and atria. Solar panels on the roof heat the water. This reduces the energy need for heating from the low NOx emission boilers. To reduce the need for cooling, the building has specialist glazing, a bris soleil on the south fa�ade to minimise heat gain, and systems to recover heat from ventilation air. To ensure occupiers can operate the building efficiently, One Kingdom Street incorporates thermal zoning with independent adjustment for different needs. Local lighting zones and water and electricity sub-metering let occupiers take control of their environment and reduce consumption. Bio-diversity was also incorporated through the planting of nine native species of plants and trees. Summary One Kingdom Street is a highly sustainable building of timeless modernity set in a striking formation of clean lines in glass and steel. Sheppard Robson has designed a building with an environmental standard that will enable occupiers to fulfil their corporate social responsibilities for years to come. The building speaks out to those who pass it by, a visual experience sitting comfortably in an area that has been dramatically transformed bringing widespread economic and social benefits to the area.


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