One Commerce Plaza

One Commerce Plaza, also known as the Twin Towers, is a private office building located on Washington Avenue in downtown Albany, New York. At 20 floors and 270 feet (82 meters), it is the twelfth tallest structure in Albany. One Commerce Plaza was completed in 1971 and originally had a black glass and white marble exterior. Although it is a private office tower, much of the building is occupied by New York State government offices. Its lobby features several eateries. For the past few years, the building was draped in white plastic sheathing. This preceded its recent exterior renovation, in which the marble panels of the original facade were replaced with metal composite ones, because the marble was too thick for exterior use. On April 30, 2007, a chunk of marble fell off One Commerce Plaza, injuring three people. It was reported that high wind gusts were responsible for the chunk letting loose from the building, which was under renovation at the time.

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