One Beacon Street is a modern skyscraper in the Government Center neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts. Built in 1972 and refurbished in 1991, it is Boston's 14th-tallest building, standing 505 feet (154 m) tall, and housing 37 floors. Its position near the top of Beacon Hill gives the building a commanding presence, though it is located away from many other Boston skyscrapers.

The tower houses a radio mast on the roof, for WMFP-TV, that is painted red and white. With its radio mast included, One Beacon Street is the 4th-tallest building in Boston (when measuring to pinnacle height), rising 623 feet (190 m). Apart from the mast, the roof of the building is flat and has no crown.


The United States Census Bureau Boston Regional Center is on the 7th Floor.

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