Olmsted Locks and Dam
The Olmsted Locks and Dam is a concrete dam and locks project currently under construction on the Ohio River at river mile 964.4. It is located near Olmsted, Illinois. The lock chambers will be 110 feet (34 m) wide and 1,200 feet (370 m) long.

Source: US Army Corps of Engineers website

Construction Stages Timeline Nov. 1992 - June 1994 Build access road and resident engineers office. May 1993 - Dec. 1995 Construction of lock cofferdam on the Illinois shore. Cost approximately $58 million. 1994 - Dec. 1995 Build prototype at Smithland Locks and Dam to select materials. Dec. 1995 - Mar. 2002 Construction of lock chambers. Cost $271.5 million Sept. 2001 - July 2005 Install bulkheads. Cost $24.2 million. June 2001 - Oct. 2002 Relocate Olmsted boat ramp downstream. Scheduled Operational buildings and service mound. Jan. 2004 - 2014 Construction of tainter gates and navigable pass dam. Scheduled Demolition of Locks and Dams 52 and 53.