Olive Park Houses
The housing area, consist of 30 different houses each of which submits a newlife style with its own personalized spatial scheme. This housing area is designed as a living area which is purified from the daily problems of the big cities but also provided with the all opporutunities of the contemporary life. The housing is located 5 km. far from the main town. The housing is designed on the 75 000 m² valley, that is surrounded by the pine and olive trees with a fantastic sea scene. The design unity, which makes these 30 different plan schemes as a meaningfull whole, is tried to be achieved with the form of the roofs and selection of the smilar materials. The general architectural desing approach for the housing, referring to the rational and modern architecture, can be summerized as using the pure geometries on the plans and large voids on the elevations. The stone covering materials on elevations, which are excaveted from construction area, refer to traditional building process and its architectural characteristics.Each house is designed as a two storey building.Besides the bedrooms two living areas are installed on the both storey. Each house is specially named according to its location on the site in the housing, such as “olive house


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