Old National Bank


In year 1831 opened the National Bank with a branch office in East Street in a 
quite modest empirhus from 1812th The business grew and in 1880 purchased 
to the remaining parts of the district and launched an architectural competition. This
was part of the extensive expansion program in which the Riksbank built new 
branch office in the kingdom all provincial capitals. State of the new 
bank building may be surprising, as the new main street in Malmö was a 
north-south axis from the harbor to Gustav Adolf Square. In the medieval 
Street Square, where the bank chose to establish themselves were already several other 
banks and still lined the streets of bank branches. 

After several proposals where turned down, finally John Smedberg's 
drawings from 1886 where chosen. Smedberg was from Stockholm, but worked in Malmö and is 
considered to be a local architect. Other National Banks buildings in the country 
usually designed by architects based in Stockholm. In the majority of their 
works combined Smedberg various historical styles into his own compositions 
but the Riksbank building, he decided to give the building a unified Italian 
new renaissanse costume. This was certainly a very conscious choice: the building is 
clearly influenced by the ten year old National Bank in Berlin. Since 
banking system originated in Italy style elections for the two 
buildings came naturally. 

The Riksbank left the building 1956 It was then current to demolish the house but 
it came instead to house the Malmö City Archives to 1991. In 2001, ongoing 
rebuilding of new features. The house is building memory. / AR




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