Oficinas Tous
With a fast expansion in Mexico, TOUS Company required urgently a new and a bigger area for the corporate. Due to its present needs, it required a larger area for their people and business. That’s why these new offices were designed in the last floor of a building located in “Bosque de Laureles”, a nice zone in Mexico City. Conceptually the aim was to organize a simple and functional space. That is the reason because public areas were located in the center of the office furthermore spaces which had more relation with the organizational chart. As result an organic footprint element. It was created with repeated vertical wooden gusset plates that contrast with the squared form of the rest of the space. Those gusset plates were fixed to a curved crystal that isolates the spaces of the corridor surround. This corridor distributes people flow to the perimeter offices. For the offices separation it was utilize warm and neutral material colors like natural waxed wood treated in a rustic way to emphasize their own quality, despite of the small ceiling characteristics could take the best benefit from the height because of the fact that it is a penthouse the structure and the false ceiling were conserve just like building structure. The principal aim was to obtain the best advantage of the natural illumination that’s the reason of parallel walls and facades to the buldings´. Big crystal panels were used to separate a different space; that was a client requirement so they can handle diverse brands in the same offices.


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