Office Building with Shops in Maroussi

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Office Building with Shops in Maroussi
OFFICE BUILDING WITH SHOPS AT AG. KONSTANTINOU STREET – MAROUSSI BUILDING PLOT – OBLIGATIONS The building plot has a long trapezoid shape consisting of two parts: the first, on the north at Ag. Konstantinou street and the second on the south facing a pedestrian street to be finished in the near future. GENERAL CONCEPT – LAYOUT There plot has an inclination from north to south with a height difference of about four meters. Therefore, the entire complex has acquired a stepped roof. The main idea of the concept was the organization around an atrium with access via a gallery from the main street along the eastern side, where the long neighboring building presented an unattractive facade. Thus, the building reached the eastern boundary creating there a party wall and left all distance towards the western side of the plot, where the ramps to the parking levels where placed. The entrance to the office floors was laid out in the interior atrium. This helped to create a core in the center while the ground floor maintained the biggest possible width for the shop towards the busy street. ARCHITECTURAL EXPRESSION - BUILDING SHELL The building was constructed with a reinforced concrete framework and, after the necessary water and thermal insulating coatings, it was fully lined out with white composite aluminium sheets. Some of the advantages in using this unifying element which should be outlined are the nice return of shadows on the white background, the high thermal reflectivity and the nice contrast with the blue, non reflective glass panes. In the context of the bioclimatic design, carried out in cooperation with the Energy Research Laboratory of the University of Athens and in addition to the general principles referred to previously, all external shading elements were studied in relation to orientation. On the south, fixed shades 60cm in width were used, while on the western side, rotating perforated aluminium blinds, 30cm in width, were installed. Also, variable density aluminium stringers were used depending on the incoming sun ray angle, horizontal steel grates and vertical stainless steel meshes. Moreover, verandas and balconies with greenery were created at almost every floor. The establishment of comfortable conditions is aided with the fountain (cooling evaporation) in the center of the atrium, laid out exactly on the main direction of the northern winds, along the gallery at the eastern party wall. On the northern façade towards Ag. Konstantinou street, the building acquired additional cantilevered metal structures with set-backs and pergolas made of concrete and aluminum higher up. The hanging metal structure is mainly constructed of hot galvanized steel profiles. The curtain wall is suspended from a very light stainless steel frame, using spider type supports. The glass panes were studied to deal, in an architectural manner with the issue of trade labeling or advertising promotion. An artistic nature graphics design may also be applied to lighten up the solemnity of the building, while introducing the ephemeral elements into the building in a dialectic way. INTERIOR SPACES Furthermore, the lobby areas on all floors as well as the office spaces on the 3rd and 4th floor were studied. The concept of horizontal aluminum frame reveals was again used, but with different materials. White marble at the entrance and the lift lobbies and wood in the offices with stainless steel reveals respectively. Plaster board false ceilings with concealed lighting were used in the common use spaces and the small catering space of the 4th floor. Silver-grey perforated metal panels where applied on the 3rd floor, with the same color of indirect type lighting fixtures. AIR CONDITIONING – ARTIFICIAL LIGHTING – BUS The air conditioning system for the entire building was based on VRV systems with VAM heat exchangers providing the users with the desired autonomy. On the 3rd and the 4th floor, the units were connected to BUS systems as was the case for all security, fire detection, lighting, presence and movement detection installations, etc., aiming at energy savings and visual and thermal comfort. All fluorescent lighting is accompanied with dimmers and auto adjustment in relation to the levels of natural light and human presence.


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