Odenplan is a new station for Stockholm’s commuter train, Citybanan. 3XN has designed the entry building for the station as a light and well-integrated urban sculpture. Simple yet complex, the building takes inspiration from a rational rectangular geometry.  The daily flow of people is distributed in a structured and functional way optimizing both traffic and the safety of the station. At the same time the building looks soft, curved and welcoming – and provides a natural platform for resting with a view to the life and movement of the plaza in front.

The new entry building is placed parallel to the square’s northern edge and becomes a well-integrated part of the square. A simple rectangular footprint matches the shape of the station beneath the ground. Two solid gables face towards east and west with an elegantly curved roof softly molded between them. From the roof down to the square a broad staircase unfolds and becomes an integrated waiting zone for travelers.

With its sculptural form the building aims at giving something back to the city’s public space. The wide staircase simultaneously invites pedestrians to interact with the building and gives travelers a place to dwell. The softness of the stairs encourages recreation and informal meetings, thus creating a dialogue of co-creation with the urban context.

Inside and outside the building is clad in durable white ceramic tile which leaves an overall impression of the building as a monolithic white sculpture.

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