OceanScope observatory

Korean designers Keehyun Ahn & Minsoo Lee have designed a public observatory called OceanScope in In-cheon made of recycled materials, including old shipping containers.

The old containers are re-purposed and used for a temporary shelter in many rural areas in Korea simply because it is inexpensive.

However, indiscreet uses of these commercial metal-box products that don’t have harmonious relationships with their surroundings are causing an unsuccessful outcome in rural environments.

With these issues in mind, The OceanScope is an initiative from the Mayor of Incheon City, which has one of the biggest harbor in Korea aiming to find unused containers’ potential of practical re-use for public space and to provide the bleak containers with new functional aesthetics that can be assimilated within rural landscapes.

To this end, the OceanScope, located in the historic sunset place of Incheon city, expresses the dream of establishing an observatory deck purposed on sustainable design by recycling the least expensive unused containers.

In order to overcome the limitation of a building site where ground level is too low to view a beautiful sunset, the containers’ structure can be leaned at various angles (10′ 30′ 50′).

This will allow citizens to go up the stairs and meet higher positions with diverse viewpoints throughout the inside of each container.

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