Ocean’s Four

In this project, we were inspired by existing elements of the surroundings and the closest neighbourhood of investment: an urban density in the proximity of the ocean. The surroundings are characterized by stereotype and monotonous building blocks in gloomy colours.

Since the master planning envisaged four identical residential towers with the same height, our basis concept was to create a visible differentiation  between the lower and upper structure using a different rhythm of materials and window openings. This creates a wave movement in the massive volumes, encouraged by the sea breeze.

On the other hand it was important to maintain one identity for the volumes. We introduced an continuous element of perforated skin which passes through all four towers on variable height. This intervention brought dynamics and new proportions.

On the top of each tower we put an extra cubic volume consisting of perimeter terraces, which offer spectacular views from the top floors. Scattered windows perforations of the lower parts of the façades are the translation of elements of urban landscape. Horizontal divisions on the top volumes are the impression of long horizontal lines in the façade of the wave block situated on the other side of the lane. Fulfilling terraces with greenery are the translation of the dialog between urbanization and nature - a very important element in this concept.

The massive lower part is perfectly integrated in the surroundings and gives an adequate answer to the local needs for the arrangement of the apartments. The upper part has an open structure and seems to float above the massive volumes. The configuration of these apartments is also characterised by openness and gives the inhabitants a breath taking view on the surroundings. 

In order to avoid the effect of a mass wall, we proposed to use chameleon panels on the lower part of the visible façade from the main street. Their colour varies together with the point of observation. In this way, the building acts a chameleon in relation to its surroundings. This stands in contrast with the sober white volumes of the upper part.

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