Oak Park railway station, Melbourne

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Oak Park railway station, Melbourne

Oak Park is a railway station in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, located in the suburb of Oak Park, on the Craigieburn railway line. Oak Park is unmanned and is in Metcard Zones 1+2 overlap.

Station overview


Oak Park is located between Waterloo Road and Station Road, with station access from both.

The station consists of two side platforms; Platform 1 has a large pebblemix building, while platform 2 has a smaller pebblemix building. A large Metcard vending machine is located at the entrance to platform 1, able to dispense most ticketing options available and also accept notes and coins. Additional coin-only Metcard and myki ticket vending machines are located at the entrances to platform 1 and platform 2.

An underpass is situated at the Craigieburn end of the station.


Oak Park station opened on 13 August 1956, with the railway through it opening in 1872 as part of the North East railway to Wodonga, and electrified to Broadmeadows in 1921. Boom barriers replaced hand gates at Devon Road (up end of the station) in 1962.


Platform 1:

  • Craigieburn line - all stations and limited stops services to Flinders Street.

Platform 2:

  • Craigieburn line - all stations services to Broadmeadows and Craigieburn.


  • Entrance to the citybound platform

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