Nysted Wind Farm

The Nysted Wind Farm (also known as Rødsand) is a Danish offshore wind farm close to the Rødsand sand bank near Lolland. Gravity base foundations are used rather than piles due to ice conditions.

Rødsand I

Rødsand I was built in 2003, with 72 turbines and a total capacity of 166 MW. Annual production is some 570 GW·h, the equivalent to the electricity consumption of 140,000 Danish homes, which could save 500,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions. Turbines were installed by A2SEA. In September 2010, DONG bought E.ON's 20% share and sold half of the entire project to pension fund PensionDanmark for 700 million kroner (€94 million / US$120 million) — almost half the DKK1,600 million cost.

Rødsand II

In 2010, a 207 MW extension of the existing wind farm was installed by E.ON at a stated cost of EUR400m and a power delivery contract at DKK 0.629 per kW·h (US$0.12/kW·h). It was originally scheduled to be completed in 2011, but installation happened faster than projected, and on 15 July 2010, E.ON reported that all turbines had been installed and the majority were supplying power to the Danish grid. On 3 August, E.ON reported that the wind farm was ready and went into operation, three months ahead of schedule. Rødsand 2 was inaugurated on 12 October.

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