Stockholm is continuing to grow as a hub of the Baltic Sea region and the Capital region of the Nordic area. At least 15 000 new homes will have to be built over the next few years. The city of Stockholm is now seeking to develop denser settlements with a distinct urban ambience. One of the new neighbourhoods is to be sited on Årstafältet in the south of Stockholm. In July 2008 the City of Stockholm selected seven international teams through pre-selection to compete for the design of this 100 hectares new development. In the competition brief the city of Stockholm asked for no less than an epoch making new neighbourhood and for the design of a park of world class. The goal was to select an innovating project, highly integrated in the existing environment and an exemplary proposal in terms of sustainability, urban and architectural quality. A project enabling people, environment and architecture to become intertwined in a creative, life-giving and challenging relationship. Nya Årstafältet is to become a new centrality in the southern part of Stockholm with a specific and multiple identities, capable of responding to local and global needs. The jury found that the project “Arkipelag` by Archi5 gives a visionary and original response to this challenge and that the proposal will endow Nya Årstafältet with city-wide significance. The project strives to make the best use out of the sites potentiality through a pragmatic analysis of it’s characteristics in terms of climate, topography and existing infrastructure. The proposal combines the advantages of urban city life with the presence of greenery and nature that is characteristic for Stockholm. The project intertwines built and green areas in an organic and fluid composition and is organised to give the best possible exposure to the buildings. The new constructions are mainly concentrated in the northern part of the site, where the existing tramway line offers excellent public transport connections. The city structure and block pattern of the new neighbourhood are designed in order to create a great variety and potential in terms of public space and architectural expression. The southern part of the site is transformed into a large “Archipelago park` inspired by Stockholm’s characteristic features in terms of topography and landscape. This urban park contains programmatic islands with integrated sport and leisure equipments. The park is connected to an ecological corridor that runs along the existing wooden slope. A large quay, with southwest exposure creates an active interface between city and park. The quay is designed as a promenade and concentrates leisure and cultural activities. Rainwater is stored in a large pond that contributes to the water management on the site and relates to another characteristic feature of Stockholm, the close relation to the water. The estimated program at this stage of the project is of 600 000 sqm of mixed development, with housing, offices and commercial activities. Flexibility will be sought at all levels of the project in order to respond to the evolving needs of contemporary society. Sustainability, innovating solutions in term of urban mobility, energy management and sustainable building techniques will be at the core of the design development. The first building phases are planned for 2011-2012. Technical facts Project name: Nya Årstafältet Location: Stockholm, Sweden Use: Mixed use development and urban park Client: Stockholm city planning administration and Stockholm development administration. Site area: 100 hectares studies area, 50 hectares new development Estimated building surface: 600 000 m² Park surface: 30 hectares Time - table: Estimated start of first phase: 2011-2012

Building Activity

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