NY Carlsberg Glyptotek

NY Carlsberg Glyptotek

The Glyptotek was built to house two exceptional collections left to the Danish public by brewer Carl Jacobsen. The present building complex was built in two stages; the oldest part from 1892-97 was designed by architect Wilhelm Dahlerup, the area in the rear was designed by architect Hack Kampmann and built in 1901-1906. The annex, which increases the the museum floor area by 2,500 square meters, is located in the Conservator Courtyard as an independent building, or more as a "coffer" in the store box created by the courtyard. Only a minimum of alterations were required in the existing buildings and the annex clearly appears as a more recent addition - a "building within a building". Between the existing Conservator Courtyard walls and the new building is a glass roofed stairway street, which with a spiral movement, leads up through the three stories towards the light and the roof terrace above.The "coffer" has a glossy marble stucco surface. The existing courtyard facades facing thee stairway street have a thin layer of stucco.


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