Nussbaum Information and Training center

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Nussbaum Information and Training center
Switzerland based HHF architects recently have finished an invited project study for an industrial building in switzerland, it is a teaching and information center for the swiss sanitary supplier “ Nussbaum“.

The project for the Swiss sanitary hardware manufacturer Nussbaum AG responds to the surrounding buildings by reinterpreting their architectural language into a brighter and more elegant form. The strong and simple volume – made of a profile glass facade – is punctured by several courtyards. The design is about exploring different spatial motifs by changing room heights, producing different light situations and creating assorted connections between inside and outside spaces Corresponding to communication requirements, the inner structure of the building is open and nondirectional. Functional, spatial and acoustical divisions are easily managed due to this clear and simple structure which nevertheless allows for differentiated and varied spatial qualities.


14 photos and 5 drawings

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