Nursery in Sarreguemines

It's with a feeling of total freedom that we designed this project. Our first intention was to provide a protective and protected building, for comfort and safety of children, but also for the tranquility of their parents. Our second intention was to introduce the concept of double standards within the building, the children and adult, because we don't lose sight that it is primarily children who are the main subject of this institution. Finally, our third purpose was to find a way to modify the perception of the building. Indeed, the requirements impose a development on the ground floor of the 1350 square meters of the building...

The project was designed as a body cell with its nucleus (the nursery), its cytoplasm (the gardens) and its membrane (the wall closure).

The perception of the nursery is a bush of bamboo with small boxes bringing the light into a building with curved lines.

Description from the architects


15 photos and 2 drawings

Building Activity