Numero bar was built on a very narrow and long strip of land in the Jardins area, in São Paulo, Brazil. A walkway runs from the street through a hallway/tunnel fully covered in mirrors, leading to the main lounge. At the entrance, the ceiling is extremely low and the view of the hall, cascaded, is unimpeded. Progressing towards the back, the height gradually increases: descending levels feature comfortable lounging areas under a ceiling that extends on a continually rising surface. Side walls are covered with light gray carpet and feature large rectangular niches of different sizes all along. While the carpet covering the walls helps with sound absorption and noise attenuation, the niches - showing a mirror plate on the back plane -, helps enlarging the room (only 4.5m width) visually. The back wall is taken full width, full height by a huge glazed opening, allowing for a lush treetop view. The low and indirect lighting throughout lends the ambience a pleasant and cozy atmosphere, perfect for a relaxing drink at the end of the day, accompanied by friends and to the sound of good music. A room reserved for private functions takes up the lower floor and, contrary to the main hall, features a low ceiling all along, with couches placed in the central axis of the room, built-in overhead lighting throughout, and walls completely covered by antique posters or poster fragments. The façade is completely covered in wooden blocks – laser-cut and resin-coated naval plywood – in a reference to the sorts used in the typography.


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