Novosibirsk Opera and Ballet Theatre

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Novosibirsk Opera and Ballet Theatre

Coordinates: 55°1′49.74″N 82°55′28.06″E / 55.0304833°N 82.9244611°E / 55.0304833; 82.9244611

Novosibirsk opera and ballet theatre (in Russian Новосибирский театр оперы и балета) is the most important theatre of Novosibirsk and Siberia. It was completed in February 1944, the first performance being held on May 12, 1945.

It is the largest theatre in Russia, larger than the Bolshoi Theatre (literally "Big theatre") in Moscow. Located at the very center of the Novosibirsk city, at the Lenin square, it is the symbol of the city. After its renovation in 2005, its computerized stage equipment is the most technically advanced in Russia.

The official title is Novosibirsk State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre (Russian: Новосибирский государственный академический театр оперы и балета).

The building

The principal construction of Novosibisk theatre's building is the big dome, 60 metres wide and 35 metres high. The dome is a unique construction that supports itself without girders or columns. The ratio of its thickness (an average of 8 cm) to its radius is less than that of a chicken egg.

In front of the dome there is a large foyer; behind it there is a 30-metres-deep big stage with bars rising up to 30 metres above. The big hall seats more than 1790 spectators; its upper gallery is decorated with copies of antique Greek statues.

The total area of the building is 11 837 m², the volume is 294 340 m³. The theatre is often called "Siberian Coliseum" for its size and beauty.

Building Activity

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