Notre Dame Catholic Sixth Form College

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Notre Dame Catholic Sixth Form College
Notre Dame is a Sixth Form College in Leeds, West Yorkshire, England.

It currently has student body of approx 1,521 pupils between the 2 years (of A levels); giving it a ten times larger student body than the average Leeds Sixth form. It is a catholic faith institution, and the only one of that denomination in the city for ages 16”“18. It is situated just east of Woodhouse Lane ( A660) and the engineering departments of the University of Leeds in Woodhouse, Leeds. It is near St Mark's (C of E) church and the Leeds Universities Catholic Church and Centre.

In 1898, the Sisters of Notre Dame came to Leeds and to the two-classroomed parish school of St Anne’s situated behind it. In 1904, the main part of what is now the Sixth Form College was built and opened as Notre Dame Collegiate School for Girls from the age of eleven to fourteen.

Direct grant grammar school
It was one of three catholic direct grant grammar schools in Leeds, and the second that was all-female from 1946. It later was known as Notre Dame Grammar School. The school was handed over to the diocese in the 1970s when the Sisters of Notre Dame changed their focus to education in developing countries.

Comprehensive school
It became the Notre Dame High School in 1978, a catholic comprehensive school for ages 13”“18 with around 650 girls. All the other Catholic direct grant schools in Leeds also changed in this year.

Sixth form college
The college was formed in September 1989 as the sixth form centre for Catholic education in Leeds. It was decided to join boys and girls sixth-forms together in one college (from Mount St Mary's and St Michael's). For nearly ninety years prior to this, a girls’ school was present on the same site. This was one of a network of girls’ secondary schools in England and Scotland which belonged to the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur.

Academic performance
The college is in the top 2% of Sixth Form colleges according to government statistics. The college offers the widest choice of A Levels in Leeds. It gets results in the top five in Leeds LEA.

  • Frances Burnett (actress)
  • Gabby Logan
  • Claire O'Hara, whitewater kayaker

Notre Dame Grammar School
  • Prof Monica Grady, Professor of Planetary and Space Sciences since 2005 at the Open University, who gave the Royal Institution Christmas Lectures in 2003
  • Mary Reilly, Chairman from 2004-8 of the London Development Agency