HM Prison Northallerton is a male Young Offenders Institution, located in Northallerton, North Yorkshire, England. The prison is operated by Her Majesty's Prison Service.


Northallerton opened as a county gaol for the North Riding of Yorkshire in 1783. It once contained the world's largest treadmill, but has since been surpassed. It has had a number of changes of role over the years, including use as a military prison, a training prison for adults and a remand centre. Since the summer of 2002 it has operated as a Young Offender Institution for prisoners serving under two years.

In May 2003, a report by Her Majesty's Chief Inspector of Prisons commended Northallerton Prison for its improvement. Previously inspection reports had highlighted problems with bullying, poor sanitation and lack of exercise facilities at the jail. The report noted improvements in these areas but called on Northallerton to do more to help resettle offenders in the community.

However, a further inspection report in April 2006 found that some shared cells at Northallerton were unhygienic and unfit for purpose. The report also raised concerns over the insufficient education and work opportunities for inmates at the prison.

The prison today

Northallerton Prison is a Young Offenders Institution housing convicted prisoners serving two years or less, or in the last three months of their sentence.

The regime at Northallerton revolves mainly around the education and physical education departments and preparation for release via employment search. Northallerton has a Level 2 Health Care Centre with no in-patient facilities. There is a daily doctor's surgery and a weekly dental facility, and also a consultant psychiatric service.

Building Activity

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