North Williamstown railway station, Melbourne

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North Williamstown is a railway station in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, located in the suburb of Williamstown North, on the Williamstown railway line. North Williamstown is unmanned and is in Metcard Zone 1. It is 13.5 km from Flinders Street Station.

Station overview


North Williamstown is located at the northern end of the Ferguson Street level crossing, with station access from Champion Road, Ferguson and Power Streets.

The station consists of two side platforms; Platform 1 has a large brick building, while platform 2 has a smaller brick building. A large Metcard ticket vending machine is located at the entrance to platform 1, which is able to dispense most ticketing options available and also accept notes and coins. A coin-only Metcard vending machine is located at the entrance to platform 2. Myki ticket vending machines are also located at the entrances to platform 1 & platform 2.

A pedestrian underpass is situated at the Williamstown end of the station, in addition to a crib crossing. The crossing is unusual as the local council provides a crossing guard to attend the pedestrian crossing before and after school, due to lack of automatic gates and the adjacent Williamstown North Primary School.

The ARHS Railway Museum is a short walk from the station, along Champion Road.


North Williamstown station opened on 1 February 1859. In 1993 a 12-year-old girl and her 10-year-old brother died when they crossed the tracks after a train had passed, and were hit by a train travelling in the opposite direction.

Land east of the station was once occupied by a strip of historic commercial premises, but is now used as car parking. Various proposals have been made by railway land manager VicTrack to subdivide this land for a high-density residential development.

Platforms, services and connecting bus services

Platform 1:

  • Williamstown line - all stations services to Newport and Flinders Street.

Platform 2:

  • Williamstown line - all stations services to Williamstown.


  • Street entrance to the station

  • Station building on platform 1


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