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Nørre Vosborg - New building for hotel accommodation In Denmark, we have many beautiful manor houses. Some still function as agricultural producers, but many now offer experiences instead. Nørre Vosborg is among the latter – a place where people can enjoy unique experiences. Surrounded by nature and architectural history, and with gastronomic experiences, cultural and conference activities close at hand. A manor house with a long history The history of Nørre Vosborg stretches back to the original stud and barn buildings constructed in 1532. Today, after surviving various fires, the manor farm is an interesting mixture of 18th-century history and architecture, together with more contemporary alterations from the post-war period 1946-50, and a great many functional alterations since then. Now after restoration, conversion and extension, beautiful Nørre Vosborg manor is now an up-to-date hotel, cultural venue and conference centre, with a newly-built hotel wing and new design solutions for all of the manor's many different buildings. New building for hotel accommodation The new hotel wing matches the largest of the complex's buildings in terms of volume. Despite its size and location, however, it does not compete for attention with the historical courtyard area and the main axis of the complex. To lower the impact of the hotel wing and avoid an imbalance in the historical structure, we sought to use alternative materials in relation to the stud buildings' dominant red brick and thatched roofs. We used wood, which satisfied the relevant criteria, and which is an unpretentious material alongside the frugal red-brick buildings. Wood pervades the entire building, even the roof, which is clad with planks of radial-sawn Siberian larch, laid in a clapboard pattern. The hotel is characterised by a roof without dormer windows. We have lifted and opened the clapboard pattern, and thereby enabled the creation of a belt in the roof surface which integrates the openings necessary for habitation in the roof storey. Data Address: Nørre Vosborg, Vembvej 35, Vemb Size: 1444 m² hotel wing (37 double rooms) Client: Realea Construction: 2008


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