Nokia - China HQ
Client Objectives To foster collaboration and synergy among R&D, business units and manufacturing, this is at the heart of Nokia’s new China headquarters project combining all the different operations previously scattered in downtown Beijing into one single building. The site selected for the new headquarters sits right next to the existing supply chain and manufacturing facilities in an outskirts economic development area. The new home is to house a projected 2,300 people working daily in this building. The challenge then, is to convince people that this is a change for the better. Despite having to now commute to a place far and bare (with no public transport, bank or supermarket nearby), people are to feel thrilled to be working in a closely knit community in a healthy space that’s distinctively Nokia. Staff retention and motivation are a strategic focus for the project and the foundation for Nokia’s long term commitment to the China market. Design program After extensive consultation with management and staff representatives to learn about visions and aspirations, worries and expectations, an indoor mini town is envisaged. People work and “live” around the “town center” - a sun-lit full height atrium. Along the Main Street there are restaurants, café, ATM, town hall auditorium, convenience store, gym, dry cleaning shop and post office. Further up are the R&D wing and Business Unit Wing, connected by lift lobbies on both ends and color coded on each of the 5 upper floors for easy way finding. 50 shuttle buses are available to take people to and from over 100 different locations across downtown Beijing. There is a variety of places where one can get work done – apart from one’s own height-adjustable workstation in the open office area, there are also quiet rooms with superior visual and acoustic privacy and breakout area wired and with casual seating, where some find are the most productive places in the office. Immediately next to the atrium are the public areas. From any point along this shared space, one can enjoy a full view of the collaborative interactions taking place in a variety of settings: formal and informal meeting spaces, pantry, tea rooms and breakout with foosball table. Here people feel part of the community and enjoy working in this connected office township. The project was implemented with an inside out approach, where content of the interiors are discovered to determine the form of the architectural container. For example, the decision to have natural lighting permeate the whole space prompted choice of glass skylight for roof treatment and full-glass façade for both the building exterior and the atrium wall. To ensure effective decision making with the right balance of functionality, flexibility and cost savings, everyone from designers, planners, sustainability consultants, architects to engineers work together closely with the Nokia team from the outset towards a well integrated solution. For Nokia, sustainability is a strategic focus. The project achieved LEED-NC (New Construction), Gold rating.


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